Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank and our members welcome you to the art of Aikido and we encourage you to join us at our Sunnybank Dojo

About Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank

As a 'not for profit' association all of our Instructors, Management Committee and Administration Team are long term, committed volunteers and we all are active practitioners who train in this wonderful art every week. We also believe in practicing Aikido philosophies in every aspect of our lives – Home, Work, Social, Community and the Dojo; thus bringing more harmony into our everyday lives.

Along with the volunteers who run Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank our children are all active practitioners too, training with other children and adults every week. Some of our children have reached Junior Black Belt while others have just begun their training. They all contribute in classes making Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank a genuine family dojo.

Aikido is suitable for all age groups and abilities. Everyone, regardless of your age, sporting prowess or stature is capable of learning and benefiting from this art. Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank has training members aging from 5yrs to 70yrs plus, with varying levels of fitness and physical ability. We take our training seriously and the quality of tuition our Instructors and Assistant Instructors provide is a testament to this; however we definitely have fun too!

Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank specialises Adult, Teen and Children's (Aikikids) Aikido with specialised curriculums developed by Michael Williams Sensei, founder of Goshinkai Aikido. Please see our Training Calendar for class details at our Sunnybank Dojo at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School Auditorium.

Those interested in starting their journey with Aikido are more than welcome! – We thoroughly enjoy welcoming new students to our Dojo and you will receive our full support. Those who have already commenced their Aikido training are welcome to join us on the mat at any time as we can all learn from each other as we progress in our training. Please feel free to contact us for more information or just come to training.

Make a positive change in your life today and join us at Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank

Aikido is 'The Art of Peace”

Warm Regards Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank we look forward to seeing you at training!

About Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba's – O Sensei (1883 – 1996) It is both self-defensive and spiritual. Aikido means unifying energy – the way of harmony.

Aikido technique training and the study of Aikido philosophies, develop unification of the body, mind and spirit. It will improve self-control – physical and emotional, concentration, confidence, balance, flexibility, co-ordination, fitness and general well-being.

The Aikido techniques and philosophies are based on Morihei Ueshiba's – O' Sensei's deep faith in training for the benefit of improving the human spirit through continuous refining and perfecting of the 'mind and body'. The art is non-competitive! Students are free to train with each other for reciprocated improvement, where Men, women and children of all ages to walk together down the path of Aikido. With each student training and progressing at his or her own pace, all can find harmony within their own journey. Aikido is rather a vehicle for personal development for people who sincerely desire to enhance their own human nature.

The word 'Aikido' in Japanese is made up of three characters or kanji.

'Ai' to meet, to come together to harmonise. In Japanese this also means 'love' and this is the truer translation of the word, as O Sensei taught.

'Ki' means 'Life Force Energy' - 'the mind, the soul, the spirit' and not just the spirit of mere human beings - The Universal Force.

'Do' means 'the way, the path', positive character building ideals which people can incorporate into their daily lives.

Aikido means 'the Way of Harmonising the Body and Universal Spirit' but in a greater sense it means 'loving the world and all who live in it'.

Aikido Working with Principals of Nature

Training is the practice of techniques and study of Aikido until movements flow naturally from within the body. Some of these movements are with us from birth. And have just been forgotten. These movements from a relaxed and fully centred mind, body and spirit are the essence of Aikido. The Aikido student also practices ways to control fear and violence with the aim to never cause harm or injury to another. Regular training and practice delivers a sense of well-being and self confidence that compliment every aspect of daily life.