Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank

Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank and our members welcome you to the art of Aikido and we encourage you to join us at our Sunnybank Dojo

Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank specialises in Adult, Teen and Children’s (Aikikids) Aikido with specialised curriculums developed by Michael Williams Sensei, founder of Goshinkai Aikido.

As a ‘not for profit’ association all of our Instructors, Management Committee and Administration Team are long term, committed volunteers and we all are active practitioners who train in this wonderful art every week. We also believe in practicing Aikido philosophies in every aspect of our lives – Home, Work, Social, Community and the Dojo; thus bringing more harmony into our everyday lives.

Our Team


Founder of Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank
Management Committee President/ Head Dojo Instructor
Life Student of Aikido and Father of Kali – Junior Black Belt


Management Committee Treasurer
Assistant Children’s Instructor
Student of Aikido


Management Committee Secretary
Assistant Children’s Instructor
Student of Aikido

Training Schedule

4:00pm Aikikids (5yrs - 12yrs)
5:00pm Aikikids (5yrs - 12yrs)
6:30pm Adult/Teens (13yrs+)
8:30am - 10:00am Combined Class:
  • Aikikids (5yrs - 12yrs)
  • Adult/Teens (13yrs+)

Class & Membership Fees

Adult and Teens

Duration: 2 hours
$15.00 per Class (Casual Training)
$110.00 per 12 Class Pass Training Card
Annual Membership: $45.00


Duration: 1 hour
$10.00 per class (Casual Training)
$60.00 per 12 Class Pass Training Card
Annual Membership: $35.00

Master Class

Duration: 1.30 - 2 hour Class For Senior Children, Teens and Adults
Prices as per Adults, Teens and Children’s regular classes

Our classes encourage all participants to stretch themselves under the watchful eye of Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank Sensei’s.

We are very happy to welcome practitioners from other Dojos who would like to undertake specialist training with other passionate students of Aikido.

Please contact us if you would like to join Aikido Goshinkai Sunnybank.